Available Now: Display rules to show a notice on specific product categories, tags, and more

🎉 Live Now! Product Notices for WooCommerce plugin allows you to set up global notice text that shows up on all products belonging to any categories and/or tags. You may not always want to display the notice, alert, promo, or any other notice type using the plugin on all the product pages.

You may sometimes want it to display only on the products from a specific category or tag. This has also been long requested by our users using the plugin on their WordPress-based WooCommerce store. With the Display Rules feature, we plan to offer the ability to control where the Global notice text shows up on your store. You will then be able to limit the display of the notice text to products from one or more categories and/or tags.

This should open up a scope of more flexibility and enhanced usability of the plugin. Sounds exciting already? We can’t wait to make it available to you sooner too!