Available Now: Setting up more than one Global and Per-Product Notices

🎉 Live Now!
Ever wanted to show multiple notices, for instance, trying to show more than one product promo/discount, update, etc. with the Product Notices for WooCommerce plugin? Well, we heard you!

As a store manager, you may want to set up more than one notices, promos, discount notices to show up on your store’s product pages. Each notice could contain different information altogether related to the product or sales in general. For such cases, showcasing just one notice does not cut for it.

For the same reason, we thought about the need for this feature!

The ability to add multiple notices – both global and per-product type, will allow the store owners to create better product pages for their customers. Showing effective and usable notices to your visitors and potential customers helps your store effectively gain an edge over your competition.
This feature is already queued up on our plugin development roadmap and should see the light of the day soon.

Till then, happy selling!