Available Now: Support for shortcodes to display notice text

🎉 Live Now!
The feature is now released and available in the latest version of the plugin. Update the plugin to the latest version on your WordPress website to start using this feature.

Product Notices for WooCommerce plugin currently outputs the notice text on pre-defined locations on the product page. This works fine and is in line with the core plugin’s purpose. However, we have been receiving user feedback on adding the ability to show the notice text elsewhere on product pages or any part of the website.

Also, for utility plugins like Elementor, when using a custom layout, you may want to display notice text on a custom location. ? Shortcode(s) to the rescue!

Shortcodes in WordPress have been a super-easy way for end-users to add dynamic content to WordPress posts and pages. In one of our upcoming releases, we plan to offer built-in shortcode(s) that can be used to display notice text on the product page wherever required.

This will enhance usability and facilitate ease-of-use to the users when setting up notices, alerts, promos, discounts, etc on WooCommerce store(s).