WordPress Plugin Features – Suggest a Feature

We love contributing to WordPress. Above and beyond that, we love the community and the idea behind it. WordPress is by the community and for the community and we would like to keep it the same way for our contributions to WordPress.

As plugin users, we often have expectations or specific functionality requirement from a plugin we use. Most of the times the plugin development roadmap is only available with the plugin developer(s) and users are not in the know-how. In such cases it is difficult to assess what direction is the plugin development moving in. End-users are the key drivers in the plugin development roadmap. Plugin features are based on user requirements,

For the same reason. we thought it’d be great for our users to be able to send us feature suggestions for our plugins they’re using. We cannot promise all features to go live but the Plugin Features page will be updated to show the finalized feature list. We will review each suggestion in detail (we promise), brainstorm and finalize on including it in the plugin roadmap. Selection only depends on feature utility, need and nothing more.

Feel free to drop in  your suggestions using the form below: