Product Notices for WooCommerce

  • Are shortcodes supported in notices?

    Sure, feel free to use any shortcode in the notice text field and it would output just fine on the frontend. Be careful while using shortcodes that output highly dynamic content. This may lead to performance bottlenecks or other failure.

  • Is HTML supported in the notice text field?

    Yes you can use standard HTML tags to customize and set-up notices to your liking!

  • Can I disable global notice for one or more products?

    If you want some of the product pages on your store to not display the global notice that you have set up, just head to the Edit Screen for the products(s) and locate the Global Notice metabox in the sidebar. Check that box to hide the global notice on that product page.

  • Can I show both Global and Per-Product notice on a product page?

    Sure, if you have a configured a global notice to show on products and would like to display additional information, promo, discount notice or any other type of notice on a product page; you can simply head straight to the Edit Product screen for a product and add the notice. In this case, both the…

  • Can I set up a notice to only show on one or more products?

    If you do not wish to display the notice on all the products, you can set up notice on per-product basis. Head to the Edit Product screen for any product and look for the Product Notice/Information meta box and add the desired content in the Notice Text field. Choose from a set of default appearance…

  • How do I set up a global notice to show on all products?

    Global Notice shows up on all the products on your store. In order to set up a global notice, navigate to the Settings menu under WooCommerce on the WordPress Dashboard. Click on the Product Notice tab and use the settings field to set up the product notice that you intend to show on all the…